Want to be a Wholesaler?

We are committed to saving the world one drink at a time. We are glad that you are interested in helping us with this endeavor. So glad that we are willing to make sure you are able to make some money working to this end.

At this time we are building our distributor and dealer network. Currently we have the Professionals of the Marine Industry, Medart Marine selling to their customers from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to the marine industry we are working with several online retailers to reach markets such as Pools, River and Lake Enthusiasts as well as Resorts and gift stores.

We have various opportunities for you to help save the world. From talking to your local marina or pool store and earning a commission to buying your own inventory and selling them yourself. We have strict pricing conditions that must be followed to protect everyone involved in this serious work of saving the world.

MSRP is $34.99 but can sell for more. Let the market be your guide.

Minimum Advertised Price $29.99  Run a sale if you want for as low as $29.99 but if your selling online you cannot advertise for $29.99 and give free shipping as this undercuts our retail Brick and Mortar brother and sisters trying to save the world.

Minimum Retail Price $27.00  If you liquidate or offer Combo or 2, 4, 8 or a case of 12 your discounts including shipping cannot be less than an average price of $27  Again this is to protect all retailers of the Floatinator. (Note shipping for a case is based on $15 for the above calculation)

Please do not hesitate to call Tom Rogers regarding your desire to become a wholesaler or a retailer in whatever form that takes. If you have an Uncle that owns Bass Pro or a Piggly Wiggly we will be happy to throw you a bone if you get us into their store.

We look forward to talking with you regarding these opportunities.

Tom Rogers COO

Table 63 Enterprises,  LLC


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