"So Your Drink Won't Sink!"

Now that's a Perfect Pair

That's Beautiful

No having to hold your drink out of the water


Table 63 Enterprises, LLC was formed by Tom and Taunia Rogers to provide a platform to develop and sell the products that help solve everyday challenges.

The first product brought to market is The FLOATINATOR. The FLOATINATOR is a floating cup holder that actually works. After coming up with the idea several years ago to use a dog Frisbee to float a cocktail the development began. As problems arose with various designs and prototypes the patent was filed for a ballasted concept. After overcoming several manufacturing and materials obstacles The FLOATINATOR arrived to great fanfare. Part of the fanfare was because they stack so they don't take up a lot of room on your boat (in a bucket) or in your pool house.  Supports up to 4.3 lbs... Even a full bottle of Wine!

By focusing on stability The FLOATINATOR is the perfect floating cup holder for the pool, ocean, lake, river or even hot tub. The ballasted design allows it to be stable with or without a drink in it. The attached tether keeps it from floating away while still allowing you to swim. The FLOATINATOR is the flagship product of several to come.

The SteminatorTM is a foam star that fits around the stem of a wine glass. Acting as a No Rock Star the Steminator keeps your wine glass stable in the Floatinator or any other cup holder for that matter.

The StoginatorTM is coming soon as well. This clever device clips onto the Floatinator and extends out over the water to allow hands free enjoyment of Cigars to Slim Jims when not smoking or eating them.

The CoolinatorTM is a giant FLOATINATOR that's a cooler. It sits low in the water so you can see your beverage of choice while floating in the water. Might have to KickStart this one but it's ready to go.

The KoozinatorTM will be your favorite drink insulator especially when using with your Floatinator. Designed to hold virtually any drink from a skinny Mich Ultra to a big 24 oz can and all the bottles in between.

As we get our feet wet, so to speak, we will be featuring our customers enjoying our products. So please send us your pictures or videos of you and your friends relaxing with The FLOATINATOR. Always remember to use #Floatinator or #GoWithTheFloat